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The World Is Not Enough

The social bigotry against Star Trek

Star Trek's greatest sin of all in their minds is presenting the concept that all life has a right to exist; a punch in the nose in to the pro-abortion movement.

Unexpected casualties of Clinton’s defeat

In the Navy, we had a saying; A bitching Sailor, is a happy Sailor. Meaning, a Sailor who is only happy having something to whine about each and every day. The 1990's Clinton Era gave rise to an entire industry... Continue Reading →

Post-election political landscape

The 2016 election has turned American politics upside down, with the routing of both party establishments by the Trump Campaign. This is not unprecedented of course. But, in this instance, long overdue. The defeated Democrat Party is where the turmoil will... Continue Reading →

The Rust-Belt election

The 2016 election of Donald J. Trump, will be remembered by future historians as the 'Rust Belt Election'. No one, perhaps except President-elect Trump himself, saw the possibility of the electoral map being redrawn the way it was last night.... Continue Reading →

The Slaying of Hillary Rodham Clinton

My post from March 2015. She couldn’t win, and she didn’t. The only mystery, is why Obama wasn’t able to keep her from getting the nomination. Because, he did not want her to succeed him.

Kevin Brent

194218_5_Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was not ever going to be President of the United States and she was never going to be the Democrat nominee in 2008 and won’t be in 2016. There, someone needed to say it. Now, I have.

Yes, Mrs. Clinton lies. In fact, she has told some major ‘whoppers’; such as claiming to have been named after Sir Edmund Hillary, though she was born when Mt. Everest was but a gleam in Sir Edmund’s eye.

Or her Brian Williams style lie about coming under sniper fire in Bosnia and her plane having to cork-screw dive as if piloted by Han Solo to get her safely to ground.

However, it isn’t just that Mrs. Clinton lies. Every Democrat in America lies like a rug with every waking moment. One Democrat actually claimed to have lied to his diary.

Bill Clinton can look a person straight in the…

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Inside truth about polls

Having worked on a Congressional campaign once in my life, I can give a little insight about public pre-election polling. The short of it is; they lie. There are two kinds of polls. Public polling, and internal polling. Internal polling... Continue Reading →

Thunderbird & Apache

One thing I didn't want to give up switching to Mac, was Office Outlook for email. Apple Mail is good, and stable. But, also very practical. Not all that dissimilar from the Mail App on iPhone. I do a lot... Continue Reading →

Liberated from Internet Explorer

Even before I bought my awesome iMac, I was already looking for alternatives to Microsoft products for my PC. The first program I decided to banish, was Internet Explorer. I researched everything, and settled on Mozilla Firefox. It is perfect. Navigates... Continue Reading →

Hub Archives

All the Hubpages posts I wanted to move here to WordPress, have now been moved. You might have also noticed the new theme. I needed to do that, to get the Hub Archives widget where I wanted it to be.... Continue Reading →

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