Since the World Review website, for which I wrote several Have Your Say articles is no longer on the web, and the links are now non-functional, I’m going to post those I authored and World Review published, here.

Once I get them all in, I’ll create an archive of them, similar to the Hubpages Archive.

We (both writers and editors) did really great work at World Review Have Your Say, I think. It afforded me, a novice more accustomed to technical writing, the chance to work with and learn from very talented individuals during the discussion/editing process. And, to converse with very intelligent, informed people; who like myself could think beyond the ‘conventional wisdom’, of mainstream news media narratives.

Particular thanks go to; George Sandford, Sian Claire-Owen, Sally Ballard, Jayne Howarth, Prof. Stefan Hedlund, and of course the founder of World Review, Prince Michael von Liechtenstein.