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Was unconditional surrender the right policy against the Axis?

At the January 1943 Casablanca Conference, President Franklin D. Roosevelt unilaterally declared the Allied policy of unconditional surrender, against the Axis Alliance. Though Churchill was officially on board with this policy after the conference, he had serious reservations. Churchill’s next... Continue Reading →

The growing cancer within Germany

Germany has an election coming in September 2017, and voters will not have much of a choice for Chancellor. Centre-Left EU hawk Martin Schulz, or Centre-Right EU hawk Chancellor Angela Merkel. Either will maintain the same EU über alles policies.... Continue Reading →

Tulsi Gabbard’s suspicious trip

During Pres. Obama's last week in office, Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii made a secretive trip to Lebanon and Syria, and met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In company with former Ohio Democrat Congressman, Dennis Kucinich. The only US... Continue Reading →

Silly Season in over-time

Presidential Transition Geopolitical Silly Season, has gone into over-time play. China has deployed a brigade of Dongfeng-41 Mobile ICBM's to the Amur River area of the Russo-Chinese border. The Russian government has made it clear, that they do not view... Continue Reading →

UK Parliament playing with fire

When successfully escaping a dungeon, one doesn't stop in the doorway and await agreement from the dungeon master.

China’s Rommel tactic

Some of you may wonder why I believe China is a military paper tiger. You may have concluded that I simply know more than I can post, given my defense background. But, one doesn't need access to highly classified material... Continue Reading →

Naval warfare developments

Several articles in IHS Jane's 360 at the end of December 2016, highlighted naval warfare developments around the world. Three were particularly noteworthy. LCS disease The US Navy announced it seeks to replace the DDG 1000 Zumwalt Class long-range projectile;... Continue Reading →

The Nazis were not ‘right-wing’

One of the biggest lies taught in American public schools today, is that Germany's Nazis were 'right-wing'. They've also largely omitted from course material that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the founders of Marxist Theory, were both Germans. Nazi, was... Continue Reading →

Silly Season gets bizarre

As has been covered in the news, Pres. Obama ordered a number of Russian diplomats out of the country, in retaliation for Russian hacking efforts alleged to have helped Donald Trump get elected over Hillary Clinton. There is no question... Continue Reading →

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