The World's Not Enough

Kevin Brent

Nagumo’s fatal mistake

Four factors won the Battle of Midway on June 4, 1942. US Navy cryptographers cracked Japanese naval code; The damaged carrier Yorktown made fit so soon after the Battle of Coral Sea; US air strikes from Midway Island scattering Nagumo's... Continue Reading →

Tulsi Gabbard’s suspicious trip

During Pres. Obama's last week in office, Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii made a secretive trip to Lebanon and Syria, and met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In company with former Ohio Democrat Congressman, Dennis Kucinich. The only US... Continue Reading →

Silly Season in over-time

Presidential Transition Geopolitical Silly Season, has gone into over-time play. China has deployed a brigade of Dongfeng-41 Mobile ICBM's to the Amur River area of the Russo-Chinese border. The Russian government has made it clear, that they do not view... Continue Reading →

Democrat Party voter fraud is real

President Trump has called for a 'major investigation' into voter fraud, specifically Democrat Party voter fraud. Such an investigation, is long overdue. The Democrat Party has engaged in widespread, large-scale voter fraud for decades. That's why they oppose any, and... Continue Reading →

A Chinese spy?

A recent Navy Times article on the espionage case of Lt. Commander Edward Lin seems to suggest that government investigators have run amok, and don't have a case. Lin stands accused of leaking secrets on the Navy Rail Gun program,... Continue Reading →

UK Parliament playing with fire

When successfully escaping a dungeon, one doesn't stop in the doorway and await agreement from the dungeon master.

Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder (TURD)

Something I came across in comments on a Facebook post. Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder (TURD). Public Alert: Know the signs, spot the symptoms, save a life. Do You Know Someone Suffering From Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder (TURD)? TURD... Continue Reading →

Shakeup at Fox News

Elections have consequences, and when the Left loses one, heads roll at news outfits allied with the Left. Fox News is no exception. And, yes. Despite all the hype to the contrary, Fox is 110% Left Wing propaganda. In addition... Continue Reading →

Tactical missile death watch: MAD-FIRES

A new development in the pending death of tactical missiles, is the US Navy Multi Azimuth Defense Fast Intercept Round Engagement System (MAD-FIRES) program. Phase 1 developed guided small arms ammunition for use by sniper teams. However, Navy rounds will... Continue Reading →

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